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Clarissa Oliverio


Clarissa Oliverio is Italian; she was born in Como but has also spent many years in Milan, Ravenna, and Florence. Now, she has chosen to live in Paris, a beautiful city where she feels welcomed and inspired.

After completing high school, she attended the Fashion Designer course at the Istituto della Moda Marangoni in Milan. She then graduated in Law from the University of Milan, a year ahead of the typical course of study, driven by her thirst for knowledge in multiple fields.

Her parents were involved in producing pure silk accessories, and from an early age, she grew up in their Atelier, where she had the opportunity to closely observe the world of the prominent silk companies in Como. This provided her with comprehensive training in high-quality fabrics, their production, and their standards of quality.

In her creative endeavors, both Italian and French styles strongly influence her, a passion she has had since childhood, inspired by French impressionist painters.

For Clarissa, the process of creating an accessory or a garment involves a clear vision of her creative intent, meticulous material research, hands-on craftsmanship, stylistic design, and the creation of form. All of these elements convey a metaphorical concept that is very precise to her.

What has been Clarissa's journey through dreams, difficulties, and significant changes, she can recreate and redefine in an accessory or garment that others can wear and interpret freely. Each individual can receive and reinterpret that story in their unique way, countless times. The mood of her collections relentlessly follows this creative path.

Life initially led her to work in the legal sector for a few years. However, she eventually decided to leave Milan and her legal career to embark on a more profound journey of self-discovery.

She founded her Maison in 2021, and within less than a year, thanks to the immense interest shown in her creations, the brand gained entry into some of the most prestigious stores in Europe.

Clarissa's style is decisive and creative, and she disregards commercial conventions, making uniqueness and originality her guiding principles. She revels in working with exquisite materials, often crafting them manually with precision and imagination.
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