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Art to Wear Collection

Clarissa Oliverio emphasizes the importance of incorporating art into eyewear, with a focus on craftsmanship. Choosing to wear art created on eyeglasses will highlight your uniqueness and character. Clarissa envisions a galaxy of art-sensitive individuals who are perfectly capable of perceiving and embracing their own uniqueness, choosing art as a personal expression to bring it to the forefront. In this case, eyeglasses not only become a beauty accessory but also acquire the value of an "alchemical key" capable of connecting us with our inner Goddess/God, our ancestral strength. In this way, the accessory becomes something intellectual that doesn't follow mass trends but, on the contrary, sets us apart. Clarissa conveys the message that we must protect and preserve our uniqueness because that is where our true strength resides. THE PROCESS "In my artistic and manual eyeglass creation process, I have used various unusual materials such as acrylic glitter paint as a base mixed with other colors. I added sand and special resin-effect glue to achieve a porous effect reminiscent of planets and 'cosmic materials.' In some models, I experimented with cotton immersed in paint to create different volumes, and I used a resin spray for a final enamel effect. The important thing to note is that, since these are eyeglasses, I have carefully kept the areas in contact with the skin clean. Depending on my mood and the reaction of the materials I use, the final result goes through many revisions and tests. It takes 5 to 10 days of experimentation to achieve the final result."
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