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Clarissa Oliverio


The Clarissa Oliverio brand was born in Florence in 2021 with its founding partners, Clarissa Oliverio and Emanuele Dani, but it quickly established itself the following year in Paris, where it expanded and developed by offering high fashion garments, utilizing French tailoring techniques and couture experimentation.

Clarissa Oliverio is an artist with a very clear, strong, and decisive stylistic vision, and she is aware of the complexity of human reality, an environment she has always loved to explore. Through her design and creativity, Clarissa proposes unusual shapes on glasses and, at the same time, enriches them with special formulas designed for the incorporation of precious materials, such as handcrafted velvets made on 18th-century looms in Florence using 15th-century Italian techniques or straw marquetry crafted in Paris using 17th-century French techniques. Embedding and leaving these precious materials tactile on the glasses is a homage to the complexity and historical value inherent in each of us, elevating the human being as an artist of oneself.

The Clarissa Oliverio brand garnered a lot of attention thanks to the paintings on glasses called "ART TO WEAR," which Clarissa herself creates through creative experimentation with materials and colors, considering glasses as a portal to the ancient soul within each of us. As humans, we are born into the fortunate combination of Matter and Soul; this peculiarity is the key to accessing the various inner and outer worlds that each of us is called to explore.

Art is a very powerful form of expression and communication. Wearing it on oneself and on one's face represents a very, very strong act of expression. Art protects us, art elevates us. Clarissa's style is decisive and creative, transcending commercial conventions, making uniqueness and originality her only guiding principles.