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Cosmic Collection

Clarissa drew inspiration from the profound knowledge of Greek and ancient myths that have always guided people to find a higher strength to assist them in their greatest endeavors. The theme that inspired the designer for the Cosmic Collection is the possibility of transferring a cosmic force to the wearer through accessories. Men and women are souls who aspire to discover themselves through an understanding of the energies that govern the Cosmos. For centuries, dating back to ancient Greece and even earlier eras, humanity has looked to the sky in search of the most profound answers that concern them. For Clarissa, this collection with its complex and multifaceted shapes is an invitation to the wearer to reestablish a divine connection with the universe, drawing from above everything they need. The models in this eyewear collection are named after the most important Greek myths, such as Psyche, Uranus, Zeus, and Hera. In this collection, you will find shapes that are more distinctly masculine and feminine, aimed at highlighting the characteristics of both men and women.