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KEYWORDS: REBELLED! BE FEMININE LIKE A GODDESS DISTANCED FROM HOMOLOGATED THOUGHT BE STRONG AND BALANCED BREAK THE SIXTH WALL! When we break the sixth dimension we discover a truth purer than ourselves that goes beyond our public and social characters that we play for survival in our surroundings. The designer Clarissa Oliverio wanted to convey in this collection her desire to break the sixth wall with the firm intention of communicating, through bold shapes and style, her personal message. Besides her creative and sartorial knowledge played a very important role her teenage part which came strongly to her help in the stylistic choices. The process of rebellion should never stop and with this collection you will break the sixth wall! Our Maison is committed to breaking everything that is conventional. Every garment is tailored in the Parisian Atelier following the Haute Couture rules but in a modern way with unusual fabrics or shapes and every detail is designed to convey to the person who wears it a special feeling.